99% Of Offers Are Ignored.

OfferCraft Changes That.


About OfferCraft

The Problem

 Most incentives fail. Why? Too many are boring, annoying, difficult to use, or pitched to the wrong person. And the lack of good data means marketers and employers have to make guesses about how to improve.

The Solution

 OfferCraft is an extraordinary new incentive platform. Inspired by behavioral economics and customer psychology, our software more effectively motivates your target audience through our use of games, sensors, dynamic rewards, and powerful analytic tools.

What you get

More business and higher customer satisfaction. Within hours of deployment either online or in brick & mortar locations, OfferCraft begins delivering higher engagement and unlocking key insights about your target audiences.


OfferCraft Benefits

More fun = more revenue.

Our research shows that if customers have fun getting an offer, it leads to higher participation and redemption rates. OfferCraft lets you use both subtle gamification tactics and even actual games in your offers. What’s more, when customers psychologically feel like they earned their reward, they see it more like a prize rather than marketing, and are more likely to use it.

You’re in control.

OfferCraft’s cloud-based content management portal makes it easy to check in on your campaign performance. Just login from any browser to see stats or to edit the graphics, rewards, rules…pretty much anything. No technical skills needed.

Incentivize customer behavior.

Offers are the incentives you give to inspire specific customer or employee behavior. Our platform lets you create, test and optimize these incentives far more intelligently and quickly than ever before across all your channels. The result: incentives with broader appeal that persuade more of your target audience to do the things you want them to do.

Priceless customer insights.

We closely track and report on every offer, every interaction, every question answered and every reward to uncover purchasing trends and customer preferences. If you like, use our A/B tests and reinforcement learning algorithms to optimize your campaigns in real time. And remember that offers don’t just help marketing — you can use the behavioral insights we gather to help optimize the rest of your business as well.

Plays with your existing technologies.

No need to buy new systems or hardware. Keep what you have — OfferCraft works alongside your existing POS, PMS, ecommerce and marketing software products to make them even better. The interactive offer you create can be used by customers online or in person using your computers, kiosks, iPads, Android & Windows tablets or digital signage.

Help every stage of the sales cycle.

Want to convince more customers to walk into your property or visit your website? Use OfferCraft at the entrance to offer people something compelling if they come inside. Or use it right at the point of sale to inspire last-minute upgrades and additional purchases. And long after the purchase is finished, OfferCraft rewards can be used to entice the customer to return.

Incredibly cool rewards.

We’ve transformed how offers are distributed and tracked. How?

Smarter Rewards. They can remind customers when they’re about to expire. They can deactivate themselves after one use or multiple uses. They can even restrict redemption to a certain time or place.

They go viral. Rewards can be set to either single/personal use, or  multiple use — allowing them to be re-gifted via email/text or posted to social media. This turns customers into evangelists for your brand.

The magic of “follow-up” rewards. After a customer uses one reward, you can set up an automatic “follow-up” reward — incentivizing another future purchase.

Choice increases revenue. You can let customers choose which rewards they want from multiple options, including both known rewards and mystery rewards that only reveal themselves during a subsequent visit. You can even allow them to swap out their reward for something they prefer. Choice creates a stronger psychological bond to the reward; it raises redemption rates while yielding insights into customer preferences.

That’s just the beginning — we have over 100 different reward features that you can deploy!

Speed & convenience.

Ease of use is critical to improving redemption rates. OfferCraft allows your customers to get an offer and use it in seconds, while giving you critical insights about their behavior.

Reduce expensive paper promos.

Paper offers mean big design, printing and shipping costs. And once you go to print, any changes require even more expense. Our digital offers can be adjusted at any time for free, based on that day’s business needs.

Better customer surveys.

It’s tough (and expensive) to get people to fill out feedback surveys. OfferCraft’s survey functionality pairs customer questions with fun games and rewards — raising your participation rates at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Best of all, you get feedback instantly so that you can intervene while a customer is still shopping.

Reliable, worry-free technology.

Everything is built, so you can get started right away. That means you don’t need to worry about expensive development work or last-minute surprises. What’s more, OfferCraft’s patent-pending software uses top-of-the-line encryption and physical infrastructure controls to ensure your data is safe while providing 99% uptime. Our real-time monitoring and auditing fights fraud and gives you 24/7 security.


We made this easy

OfferCraft Pricing

  • No up-front fees. No minimum contract terms. Tech support is included. Analytics reporting is included. And we throw in unlimited software updates.
  • Choose either subscription-based pricing to pay a fixed amount per month, or performance-based pricing to pay based on actual usage. Many of our performance-based pricing clients simply pay us a small percentage of the revenue that we help them generate. That allows you to get started without spending anything up front and without any risk.
  • Still have questions? Want to try it out? Reach out and we’ll get you a quick proposal.

10 Things Our Clients Like About Us

Ten Things Our Clients Like About Us

You’re ready to go right away.

Unlimited updates and tech support.

We’re nice. We only hire great people.

Our reward capabilities are seriously awesome.

No installation fees, no up-front fees, and no hidden costs.

Invaluable customer data that often can’t be collected any other way.

We love making our clients look brilliant.

Positive word of mouth is our main driver of business.

OfferCraft attracts more business. Period.

We deliver what we promise. If you’re not happy and you’re not creating better offers, cancel anytime.


OfferCraft News

September 2016 – New tech, from Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to sophisticated gamification engines like OfferCraft, are revolutionizing both the front- and back-of-house in hotels.

September 2016 – Loyalty programs should be enjoyable for guests. Creating a program that is as fun and exciting as possible will keep guests engaged and coming back for more.

September 2016 – Sycuan Casino’s first campaign generated revenue multiple times the promotional spend. Its booth game at the Major League Baseball All-Star Game inspired hundreds of loyalty club signups.

August 2016 – OfferCraft takes games outside the gaming floor for customers at Australian casinos and clubs, being one of the first gamification software companies on the continent.

August 2016 – OfferCraft’s interactive rewards report back information to the hotelier about customer prefences, providing an increasingly rich profile of the guests.

August 2016 – OfferCraft was recognized by top site as one of the Top 10 Learning and Development Software platforms for HR and training. Providing employees with training opportunities is a great way to lower turnover, close the skills gap, boost productivity, and ultimately, pad the bottom line.

August 2016 – Make your marketing fun to participate in and easy to win — and your customers will reward you.

August 2016 – Make it Fun. The Exact Words Matter. The Power of Choice. Test, Test, Then Test Again. Personalize Not Just What You Offer But How.

August 2016 – Making offers fun is good business. “They’re more open to suggestions, they’re more likely to remember experiences and they’re more easily persuaded,” says OfferCraft CEO Aron Ezra.

August 2016 – The ability to leverage a digital gamification platform has made all the difference, says Jake Joyce at Palms Casino Resort, an OfferCraft client. “You can change a theme, skin it differently, change the offers to impact probability, do A/B testing. You get the game out faster and more efficiently, and you can measure more effectively.”

August 2016 – Growth in Australia has exceeded expectations, and the company has brought on two new seasoned executives to serve as account directors in the country.

August 2016 – OfferCraft’s founders, CEO Aron Ezra and CTO Keith Michel, complement each other’s strengths. Aron loves coming up with ideas, and Keith turns those ideas into elegant pieces of code.

July 2016 – A more sophisticated version of gamification has recently started to emerge that’s revolutionizing industries including retail, hospitality, healthcare, and even human resources.

July 2016 – Pokémon Go offers retailers a goldmine of valuable psychological insights into what consumers want.

July 2016 – “Our job is to inspire a target audience to do what you want them to do,” said OfferCraft CEO Aron Ezra in this company profile by Richard N. Velotta of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

July 2016 – Dover Downs Hotel & Casino launched two campaigns with OfferCraft: The first drove an increase in customer spending of 831% compared to previous efforts. The second increased email collection by 406%.

July 2016 – Julia Carcamo writes that “casinos are only just now beginning to embrace the idea of using games outside the gaming floor.” She praised OfferCraft for how it “melds game dynamics with casino marketing and promotional efforts in an attempt to boost offer popularity with targeted customers.”

June 2016 – Top retail industry magazine Women’s Wear Daily featured Grand Bazaar Shops’ innovative use of an online game to engage shoppers on their cell phones. The 30 tenants participating in the game program “are seeing an uptick in traffic with customers coming in to redeem their vouchers.”

June 2016 – Northern Quest Resort and Casino is using OfferCraft to gamify emails, social media, and even staff-guest interactions across the property. “OfferCraft’s ingenious way of distributing offers has increased our potential for email capture, while entertaining our guests and providing them with targeted and meaningful rewards. We believe OfferCraft gives us a competitive advantage in our market.”

June 2016 – “I wanted to find something that no one else seemed to be doing but totally made sense,” writes Jennifer Jones. “That’s when I stumbled upon OfferCraft. One booth, two chairs and a tablet. And I was intrigued.”

May 2016 – CEO Aron Ezra spoke to the Global Gaming Business Podcast about the unique methods OfferCraft uses to find new customers through gamification.

May 2016 – Upselling in retail “all comes down to a simple, though often-overlooked concept,” says CEO Aron Ezra. “It’s not just what you offer, it’s how you present it.”

May 2016 – Within 90 days of starting OfferCraft, employee visits to the 7 Cedars intranet and nominations for its employee of the month program both hit record highs.

May 2016 – Grand Bazaar Shops in Las Vegas has added an experiential element to the outdoor shopping center, allowing visitors to play mobile games at to win prizes at dozens of retail and dining venues.

April 2016 – OfferCraft’s software platform “leverages game theory and customer psychology to motivate” and engage staff.

April 2016 – Instead of shoving a coupon into a customer’s hands, why not create a gamification-driven engagement experience that makes the customer more likely to value the offer and remember it?

April 2016 – Southport Sharks, the largest Australian Rules Football Club in Queensland with over 55,000 members, is giving club members new ways to win prizes such as food, tickets and more.

March 2016 – Read how OfferCraft is creating next-gen loyalty programs — from offers tailored to an individual customer’s preferences to rewards that act like tiny software programs — in this leading industry magazine.

Spring 2016 – Coupons were invented in 1888 by Coca Cola, and they haven’t changed much since then. Until now. “The question isn’t if people love coupons, but how to get them to use the coupons over the multitude of other offers they encounter everyday,” said Dan Pasco of Rev Publishing Inc., OfferCraft’s partner in Canada.

March 2016 – M Resort Spa Casino has implemented OfferCraft’s patent-pending gamification and dynamic rewards software so patrons can play games and win rewards in unexpected ways.

March 2016 – OfferCraft’s new, easy-to-customize HTML5 basketball game is already being used by dozens of businesses in their marketing and customer-engagement campaigns. The game is being used in ads, email, social media and at the cash register to dramatically increase return visits and boost sales.

March 2016 – “Training videos. Webinars. Info sessions. Manuals. These old modes of training aren’t just boring — they don’t work,” says OfferCraft CEO Aron Ezra. “The modern knowledge worker is broadly curious, endlessly distracted and digitally overloaded. Training has to compete.”

March 2016 – Storm International’s Hollywood Entertainment Casinos in Monterrey, Mexico, has launched OfferCraft games at both of their properties. “The redemption levels were above the projections, as were the positive comments from our customers and employees,” said Hollywood Entertainment Marketing Manager Jorge Nuñez. “Everybody liked it!”

March 2016 – Swinomish Casino & Lodge in Anacortes, Washington, launched OfferCraft at four golf shows and immediately got a flood of reservations. “The robust OfferCraft system provides new depth to our loyalty program,” said Swinomish’s Justin Shank. “Now guests have an opportunity to win more than just the same old coupon.”

March 2016 – Fabulous Freddy’s, a chain of gas stations in Nevada and Utah that offer car washes, oil changes, smog checks, convenience stores and other services, has partnered with OfferCraft. “We want to create a fun and energetic environment,” said Freddy Smith, founder of Fabulous Freddy’s.

February 2016 – Immersive web design that incorporates in-depth graphics, integrated video, and interactive games “creates fun and intrigue and becomes more memorable for the visitor” and can increase sales conversions by double digits.

February 2016 – Palms Casino Resort guests can play a video basketball game to win free drinks or a scratch-to-win game to unlock bonus points from Club Palms. Some games will be played on property; others will be on Facebook, in email and at

January 2016 – What do a yogurt shop, a car manufacturer and a fitness-band maker have in common? They’re all using gamification to revolutionize how they motivate their customers and employees. Here’s what casino marketers can learn from this fast-moving trend.

January 2016 – Trying to motivate your sales force to properly qualify prospects, conduct demos and drive referrals? Use games and prizes to make the process fun and rewarding. 

December 2015 – “Companies around the world are expected to spend $540 billion dollars in advertising this year. And yet 99% of those offers will be ignored.” It’s one of the biggest challenges in business today, and OfferCraft was founded to solve it.

December 2015 – “Las Vegas-based OfferCraft is carving out a casino niche by helping operators craft better offers to both established and new customers. Clients use it to invigorate marketing campaigns, employee education efforts, surveys, coupons and more.” Read more here.

December 2015 – Restaurant Hospitality magazine explored “Three Steps Toward Honest Guest Feedback” and suggested restaurants can use OfferCraft’s “games and rewards to coax guests into filling out surveys online, making the survey process fun.”

December 2015 – As healthcare insurers move to a pay-for-performance (P4P) model, more hospitals and medical clinics are using OfferCraft to motivate and reward desired actions from patients, such as taking medication on time or showing up for a difficult appointment.

December 2015 – CEO Aron Ezra predicts that Predictive Analytics will begin to go mainstream in 2016 as new tools and technologies get more standardized and less expensive.

December 2015 – CEO Aron Ezra outlines three principals to crafting the ideal incentive. Here’s his advice, in a nutshell: make sure the offer is something the customer actually wants, don’t make redeeming it a hassle, and don’t make the offer boring.

November 2015 – Seven Feathers Casino Resort announced the launch of new interactive experiences created by OfferCraft that make the casino’s rewards even more fun and memorable for guests both on and off property.

November 2015 – OfferCraft’s smart rewards and gamification platform is featured as a Creative Way to Attract New Customers to Your Online Business. “Too often, online marketing incentives are boring. Using games in your marketing and advertising can help change that.”

Tips from our CEO on best practices for B2B Email Marketing
November 2015 – “Gamify it,” was the tip from OfferCraft CEO Aron Ezra in this roundup featuring some of the nation’s leading experts in B2B email marketing. “We view the email itself as an experience rather than simply a marketing message,” Ezra said.

 CEO Aron Ezra discusses using incentives to engage customers
October 2015 – “If you make it hard for your customer to understand or redeem an offer, they won’t,” advised OfferCraft CEO Aron Ezra. For more insights on how to make offers more appealing to customers, click here.

 OfferCraft recognized by HR Executive Magazine

October 2015 – Human Resource Executive Magazine recognized OfferCraft’s patent-pending technology platform at the HR Technology Conference & Expo, held in Las Vegas at Mandalay Bay in October 2015.

 OfferCraft Named “Top POS Technology of 2015”
May 2015 – Gaming & Leisure magazine wrote, “After 20+ years of dealing with POS software, it’s rare that I see something that makes me sit back and say, ‘Wow!’ But that’s exactly what happened when I had a chance to see a demo of OfferCraft’s new software.”


Here’s how it usually goes

OfferCraft Benefits

Step 1

Call or email us.
We’ll show you what we can do, and send you a short contract if you want to get started.

Step 2

The kickoff meeting.
We’ll discuss your goals and the different potential ways to achieve them.

Step 3

The initial build.
We can create everything for you, or you can manage the campaigns yourself using our CMS. It’s hosted in the cloud and available 24/7.

Step 4

The evolution.
After launch, our platform lets you continuously improve your efforts. Want advice? Call or email any time and we’ll help make your campaigns even better.

Meet The Leadership Team

OfferCraft Benefits

Aron Ezra
Chief Executive Officer

Over the course of his career, Aron’s focus has been on helping his clients to inspire and influence their target audiences. He was previously the CEO of MacroView Labs, a San Francisco-based mobile software startup that served the hospitality, travel, event, retail and entertainment markets. He grew MacroView into an award-winning, multimillion-dollar company that was acquired in 2011 by Bally Technologies, one of the largest game and casino technology companies in the world. Aron then spent three years leading Bally’s global interactive initiatives. Additional past highlights include serving as a Senior Vice President at Hill & Knowlton, a top PR agency, and as a Director at The Advisory Board Company, a large research and consulting firm. Aron has been invited to give more than 800 presentations on technology and marketing issues at conferences around the world. Seven Magazine named him one of the Most Intriguing People in Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas Business Press named him one of the Top 10 Rising Business Leaders in the city. He advises several tech startups, and graduated with honors from Princeton University.

Keith Michel CTO
Keith Michel
Chief Technology Officer

Keith oversees all the technology and engineering efforts at OfferCraft. He has over 15 years of experience building software platforms, managing development teams, implementing scalable frameworks, and bringing system integrations to life. Previously, Keith was the co-founder and CTO of MacroView Labs, where he architected one of the first cross-platform, cloud-based mobile application frameworks for enterprises to deploy apps. It was acquired by Bally Technologies in 2011, where Keith served as Director of Mobile Technology. The patented software platform is still used by tens of millions of people today. Prior to MacroView, Keith was Chief Software Architect and Senior Technical Director for Boston startup HiWired, whose help desk software was acquired by Radialpoint in 2009. Earlier, Keith was software architect and development manager at EF Englishtown, and also built the Educational Resource Center at the Boston Museum of Science, commissioned by the National Center for Technology Literacy. Keith earned his degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Slav Kulik VP
Slav Kulik
VP of Engineering

Slav has been building enterprise-grade, high-transaction, secure cross-platform software systems across multiple industries for nearly 15 years. He specializes in coming up with creative ways to construct elegant, massively scalable architectures for deployments built upon the .NET framework and Windows Azure cloud computing architecture. As an engineer at SmartBargains, Slav helped design and implement the company’s fraud prevention, data warehousing, and complete ecommerce platforms which continue to process millions of dollars of daily transactions. As a principal in the architecture group at HiWired (now Radialpoint), he led ground-up marketing platform projects as well as deep process integrations with high-profile clients such as Verizon, Comcast, Clearwire, Virgin Media, and more. While Chief Software Architect for the mobile software company MacroView Labs, Slav co-designed and managed the system as the company grew to millions of users. After MacroView was purchased by Bally Technologies, Slav spent three years leading the continued evolution of the software infrastructure to keep the platform cutting-edge and compliant with different regulatory bodies as the user base more than quadrupled. He holds several patents for his innovations.

Chris Swanger VP
Christopher Swanger
VP of Business Development

Christopher is an award-winning technologist with over 20 years of experience developing cutting edge software and partnering with companies across a wide range of industries. Prior to OfferCraft, Chris was VP of Business Development at eConnect, Inc., where he helped grow the company from a small startup to a dominant, global player in the data analytics sector. Chris has also worked in various management roles at Playersoft Technologies, Agilysys (NASDAQ: AGYS), Barona Casino, Hilton, and Holiday Inn. He has a deep understanding of marketing and HR technologies and has published a wide range of articles about innovation, new marketing techniques, and customer psychology across multiple verticals. When he’s not fooling around with the latest gadgets, Chris is also a passionate cook — as a young man he was a chef and studied at the Southeast Institute of Culinary Arts.

Dan Grech VP
Dan Grech
VP of Marketing and Public Relations

Dan is an award-winning communicator and storyteller. He spent nearly two decades as a print and radio journalist at outlets including The Miami Herald, The Washington Post and Public Radio’s Marketplace, where he was a foreign correspondent and was considered one of the top business reporters covering Latin America. Other career highlights include: serving as the Senior Director of Strategic Communications and Digital Marketing at Liberty Power; founding a thriving marketing training program at Miami Dade College, the nation’s largest college; and working as Director of Marketing at Catalyst Recruiting, a startup founded by Eric Ries, creator the Lean Startup Methodology. Dan has Masters degrees in nonfiction storytelling and Spanish-language journalism, and is a graduate of Princeton University. He is fluent in Spanish, proficient in Portuguese and is a dual citizen of the U.S. and Spain.

Pierre Darbouze VP
Pierre Darbouze
Director of UX Technology

Pierre has an impressive and diverse technical background developing everything from networking and communications solutions, to client desktop software and mobile apps. Pierre’s primary focus and passion is for architecting web solutions. Over the past decade, as technologies have rapidly evolved, Pierre has used the web as platform to solve business problems by changing the way people communicate and improving the way data is shared. Prior to joining OfferCraft, Pierre spent 14 years at Cisco Systems, working on a wide range of products from large scale networks to client desktop software and mobile apps. As a senior engineer, he developed a wide range of web tools to improve the company’s Agile processes. In his spare time, Pierre serves as an officer in the Silicon Valley Golf Club where he oversees their technology needs. Pierre has a degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

David Crump Director
David Crump
Account Director

David brings over 20 years of experience providing stellar account management and customer service support to hundreds of organizations around the world. He previously worked at Scientific Games/Bally Technologies, Lotus Development Corporation and IBM, helping client user teams to get the most out of their technology. He was also an early employee of mobile app startup MacroView Labs, where he oversaw all key client relationships and maintained a perfect track record of never losing a single account. David’s skill at relating to people and turning complex technical subjects into easily understood concepts make him a very well-liked partner of many global OfferCraft clients. He received his bachelor’s degree in Technology Management from the State University of New York at Oswego. In his spare time, David enjoys playing classical guitar and is a second-degree black belt in Taekwondo.

Mike Lorring
Mike Lorring
Account Manager

Mike has experience in customer facing roles in both small and large organizations. Prior to joining OfferCraft, Mike worked in the casino industry in various roles, including product management. As a product manager for Stics Predictive Analytics, Mike drove the development of innovative casino analytics products. At Bally Technologies, he managed the development and release of two slot game product lines. Mike is passionate about developing and maintaining successful client business relationships. He earned a Bachelor’s of Gaming Management, a Master’s of Hotel Administration, and a MBA from UNLV. In his spare time, Mike enjoys playing water polo, exercising, and reading science fiction and fantasy novels.

Board of Advisors

Vincent Coppola

Vincent Coppola is a successful entrepreneur and M&A advisor. Early in his career, Vincent was an investment banker with JPMorgan in New York, a financial strategist at General Electric, and head of corporate development at Magellan Health Services, where he managed all key acquisitions for the company. Afterwards, he led strategy & business development for Blue Shield of California, a $10 billion health plan based in San Francisco. A big fan of fine wines, Vincent founded and ran a large regional retail wine company that he eventually sold to He most recently served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Connecticut-based Triad Healthcare, a musculoskeletal health services company. After 4 years of rapid growth under his leadership, Triad was acquired by MedSolutions, a leading medical cost management corporation in 2013. He received his bachelors degree in Finance from Bryant University.

Dr. Michael Egner

Dr. Egner is an analytics and data science expert on topics including predictive models, data mining, statistical inference, and simulation. He currently serves as Head of Methodology and Senior Vice President at The NPD Group, one of the ten largest market research companies in the US, and before that served as SVP and global innovation team leader at Ipsos, another major market research firm.  In his work, he develops new or enhanced techniques to analyze consumer behavior using surveys and large behavioral datasets, building on methods such as agent-based modeling, Bayesian analysis, and machine learning algorithms. His clients have spanned industries including technology, healthcare, transportation, retail, and hospitality. Dr. Egner received his doctorate from the RAND Corporation, where he studied decision-making and assisted in teaching game theory and research design. He has also worked at The Urban Institute, Goldman Sachs, and the White House Council of Economic Advisers. He has a B.A. in Economics from Princeton University.

Dr. Stuart Zoble

Dr. Stuart Zoble’s expertise lies in adapting quantitative and analytical methodologies to solve business problems ranging from financial modeling and forecasting to software development and product design to marketing analytics. An industry leader in game design and social app analytics, Dr. Zoble is a Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Rising Tide Games, a NYC-based social gaming studio acquired by Zynga in September of 2015. Prior to that Stuart served as Senior Vice President at High 5 Games, the industry’s premier supplier of innovative casino products, creating some of the most successful IP in the slot genre, such as Super Stacks and Super Symbols, as well as High 5 Casino, one of the highest grossing social casinos on Facebook. He designed dozens of the top performing game titles played on casino floors around the world, such as Black Widow, Shadow of the Panther, and Golden Goddess, which set the all-time testing record in Nevada. Trained as a mathematician, Zoble earned his Ph.D. in mathematics at Berkeley and an M.A. in Economics as a University Fellow at Yale. He was a faculty member at the University of Toronto and at Wesleyan University, where he published widely in Set Theory, Logic and related areas.


OfferCraft FAQ

How would you describe OfferCraft in 10 seconds?

OfferCraft is a software platform to make offers and incentives more effective. We help businesses inspire their customers and employees to behave in very specific ways.

And how does it work?

Think of our software platform as a toolbox with several different tools. Our clients log in to our portal, then choose which tools they want to use to make their offers more compelling, memorable, easier to redeem, and far more profitable. Our tools fall into three groups:

1) Tools to better capture the attention of the target audience

2) Tools to convince the target audience to behave in a certain way

3) Analytics/Big-Data tools to continually improve the offers and rewards

How can I calculate the ROI (return on investment) of using OfferCraft?

More effective offers mean every dollar you spend on marketing goes further. We’re happy to share our ROI calculator with you, but here are three questions to consider:

1) Imagine, say, tripling your redemption rate. How much more money would that generate for your company?

2) What would you save by replacing some of your traditional marketing approaches with OfferCraft?

3) How much business would OfferCraft let you steal from your competitors?

Is OfferCraft meant more for brick & mortar locations or the online world?

OfferCraft was designed to support both scenarios. The offer or reward can be presented and redeemed both online and/or in a physical location, giving you total freedom when designing your campaign.

Do people need to download an app to use this?

Nope. Everything is done in HTML5, so the experience can be deployed across websites, phones, tablets, kiosks, digital signage, computers, and more. Of course, if you want the offers or rewards to show up in your app we can help make that happen.

Do I set everything up and build the offers or does your team do it?

Whatever you prefer — either way works.

Do I need to install any hardware or servers on site? Are there setup fees to consider?


How much does all this cost, and how soon does it start delivering results?

See our pricing section above for more information about costs. Most of our customers start seeing results within the first month.

When in the sales cycle should I use OfferCraft? At the beginning of the sale, in the middle, or afterwards?

It works in all three scenarios. In the beginning, imagine you want to get someone to walk into your store. You could put a kiosk outside showing a very compelling offer right at the door that offers an instant reward if someone makes a purchase in the next hour. At the point of sale, imagine a customer trying to decide between buying two suits. Your salesperson can let him know that if he buys both suits he can use the OfferCraft offer to potentially win the suits for free. And long after the sale is finished, our rewards help compel your customers to return for a follow-up visit.

Who provides the rewards and writes the offers?

We provide the software tools, insights and general advice to make everything happen, but our clients usually control their rewards and their content. We’re happy to help here if you like.

I want to use OfferCraft to run a sweepstakes. Can I do that?

Sure. We’ll help you set everything up the right way, like offering an alternate means of entry for customers.

Can I use one of your features? For example, could I just use your reward distribution tool, but not all your other game features?


Could I use OfferCraft to create offers for audiences other than my customers? Like employees, donors or vendors?

Of course. We’ll help you set it up.

What if I'm not happy with the results?

Tell us so we can help you fix it! If that doesn’t work, just cancel anytime.


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