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How would you describe OfferCraft in two sentences?

OfferCraft is a software platform to make an organization’s incentives more fun, and thus more effective. We help inspire people to behave in very specific ways by making boring or unpleasant things more enjoyable.

How can I calculate the ROI (return on investment)?

Just ask to see our ROI calculator and we’ll help you model out the financial benefits of using OfferCraft.

Is OfferCraft meant more for brick & mortar locations or the online world?

OfferCraft was designed to support both scenarios. The offer or reward can be presented and redeemed both online and/or in a physical location, giving you total freedom when designing your campaign.

Do people need to download an app to use this?

Nope. Everything is done in HTML5, so the experience can be deployed across websites, phones, tablets, kiosks, digital signage, computers, and more. Of course, if you want the offers or rewards to show up in your app we can help make that happen.

Do I set everything up and build the offers or does your team do it?

Whatever you prefer — either way works.

Do I need to install any hardware or servers?


How much does all this cost, and how soon does it start delivering results?

See our pricing section for more information about costs. Most of our customers start seeing results within the first month.

Who provides the rewards and writes the offers?

We provide the software tools, insights and general advice to make everything happen, but our clients usually control their rewards and their content. We’re happy to help here.

Can I use OfferCraft to run a sweepstakes?

Sure. We’ll help you set everything up the right way, like offering an alternate means of entry for customers.

Can I use just certain features?


Which cloud based system do you use?

Microsoft Azure.

What if I'm not happy with the results?

Tell us so we can help you fix it! If that doesn’t work, just cancel anytime.