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From Hospitals & Health Systems to Insurers

With the rise of pay-for-performance, everyone is incredibly focused on influencing patient and employee behavior. Tomorrow’s healthcare leaders won’t just need to care for patients, they will need to convince patients to get more involved in helping themselves. The question is how?

The main problem is that healthcare is scary. It’s expensive. It’s complicated. It’s painful. Most people don’t want to think about it—so it’s no wonder that so many people forget to go to their appointment, skip paying their medical bill or don’t follow their doctor’s instructions. The Annals of Internal Medicine estimates the cost of Americans not complying with medication prescriptions to be up to $300 billion per year.  So how do we convince people to change their behavior?

OfferCraft helps some of the biggest hospitals in the world to make healthcare more fun and enjoyable. Doing so drastically increases compliance, satisfaction, and overall health. Sample implementations include:

  • Adding our artificial intelligence to healthcare incentives to boost effectiveness
  • Rewards for repetitive actions such as taking medicine at a certain time
  • Trivia games to help educate patients, families & staff about a complex topic
  • Games to pass the time during long healing periods
  • Group challenges that require cooperation to create a support network
  • Incentives for donors to donate to the hospital or clinic
  • Social games to reduce depression during a recovery
  • Employee leaderboards to track discharge times, falls, handwashing and more
  • Fun experiences to enhance the doctor-patient relationship
  • Promotions to get patients to log into their electronic medical records portals
  • Mystery prizes that get patients to show up for their appointments on time
  • And more!

From chronic care patients to new employees, OfferCraft drives real behavior change across nearly all your target populations. For more information, check out this white paper we wrote in Strategic Healthcare Marketing magazine.