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girl-1210073_1920OfferCraft helps you to motivate, train, and communicate more effectively with your employees. How? We help people look forward to doing the things that they used to forget about or avoid.

Our interactive experiences can be incorporated into job orientation, hiring, assessments, even day-to-day updates.

Here are six examples of what we’ve done elsewhere:


  • Using dynamic leaderboards, we cut turnover in half and boosted productivity by over 60% at a manufacturing company
  • We reduced safety incidents by nearly 200% by creating memorable training games that taught the field staff and security staff more effectively at a Fortune 100 company
  • We increased sales by over 33% at a financial services company by creating custom sales games for the reps and call center teams
  • We drove a 500% increase in employee survey response rates at a large hospitality company through the use of fun, interactive surveys
  • We nearly eliminated tardiness at a Midwestern company by creating a time-clock punch game and an annual wellness check game
  • Finally, our Employee Update Tool has become the primary digital communication channel for nearly 100 different organizations